Green Corporate Social Responsibility

At Urtech, we believe strongly in the principles of corporate and social responsibility. As an organization, we put a great deal of effort into using our resources efficiently, supporting renewable power and by supporting initiatives that better protect our Environment. We have implemented waste diversion/recycling activities to ensure that we direct the minimum amount of waste to go to landfills, we are pursuing alternative energy activities to fuel our operations and we encourage engagement at all levels of the organization in activities to support our local community.

Managing Urtech’s environmental footprint and impact involves assessing all aspects of our business in an environmentally responsible way. Our goal is to avoid and or mitigate any negative impacts while helping our customers do the same. Urtech is a local provider of services that could impact not only our immediate environment but could also have a lasting impression on the carbon footprint that our customers leave on the world. By building locally and providing services to our customers we believe that we are positively contributing to a sustainable future for our kids and grandkids.

We believe that by being involved in the local community we strengthen our bonds to our neighbours and help promote strong and sustainable employment growth.