Quality Assurance


Urtech Manufacturing is dedicated to providing exceptional manufacturing services by utilizing "State of the Art" technology, processes, and equipment. We have a fully trained and skilled production team and working to meet and maintain customer expectations for product quality, service, and delivery.


Our vision is to give our customers an advantage over their competitors by keeping the manufacturing of products in North America while maintaining upon the cost of delivering finished goods to the final user. We want to offer our customers the opportunity to work with a manufacturer who understands:

  • Their time constraints
  • Is local to within three time-zones
  • Focuses on total quality

We believe that we can provide a far superior relationship with our customers than they are currently accustomed to through:

  • Timely responsiveness;
  • Careful management of our resources and inventories
  • Capability to build new and emerging technologies
  • Carefully selecting and maintaining our supplier base

Quality Policy

Urtech is committed to:

  • Exceeding Industry and Customer requirements
  • Confirming the effectiveness of our quality management system
  • Practicing Industry leading six-sigma continuous process improvement methodologies
  • Exceeding our customers’ expected level of product quality

At Urtech, we come from OEM backgrounds, so we understand the importance of end-customer satisfaction – and quality plays a key role!

We know that poor quality will have a negative impact on your reputation in the industry and that quality workmanship along with exceptional customer service will help strengthen the relationship with our clients’ end customers. Being accessible locally also reduces any downtime associated with potential quality issues, minimizing time to resolution and exposure in the field.

Urtech not only stands behind the quality of workmanship, we will work with you to provide the exceptional customer service that your customers expect. We will help you resolve any issues with products, which you have in the field, utilizing our expertise in logistics and repair capabilities (including BGA rework).

To communicate and effectively implement our management system, Urtech has developed a documentation structure that relates our policies, processes and procedures to internal users and external customers. This documentation structure includes all procedures and records required to ensure and demonstrate process effectiveness and control as well as the procedures and records required to comply with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management Systems.