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Urtech’s early involvement in the design cycle can provide customers with a product that: is more cost effective, is easier to manufacture, has improved quality, and has higher reliability and manufacturability.

The key advantages of performing DFX include:

  • Reduced lead time and material costs (DFSC - Design For Supply Chain)
  • Simplified production processes (DFM - Design for Manufacturing)
  • Simplified assembly processes with improved yield and reduced labour content (DFA - Design for Assembly)
  • Improved test coverage and yield, with reduced RMA and field fails (DFT - Design for Test)

Urtech recognizes that while it is not always practical to adopt all of the DFX recommendations, early life-cycle involvement is the key to capturing changes to the design that will result in overall cost savings. We have experienced engineers with extensive manufacturing backgrounds who are capable in all aspects of the design cycle.

Process Development

Urtech delivers world-class process development services across key industries.

By applying Six Sigma and LEAN methodologies to our development approach, we are able to provide reduced time-to-market and time-to-revenue solutions, and we can quickly adapt to ever-changing market demands. Technology continues to evolve, electronic products are getting smaller, lighter and more compact. The demands to increase capacity, power and versatility into your products is a daily challenge.

Urtech’s expertise in microelectronics assembly is ready to deliver to your needs. Our broad process development capability, provides a turnkey solution for the challenging demands of hybrid electronics assembly. From precision placement and active alignment of components to assembly programming and testing, we leverage our advanced engineering skills across multiple industries to provide optimized solutions for your unique needs.


Urtech understands that your product design validation and time to market are dependent upon the quick turnaround of your engineering sample/prototype assemblies. We at Urtech pride ourselves in working with your design teams and documentation at hand to provide you with the best quality assembled samples within your design cycle timeline. Often prototypes arrive in fewer than five days.

Urtech prototype experience allows us to work with high levels of technology to meet your specific needs. This ranges from building your assemblies by hand from consigned part kits to complete parts procurement. We also offer complete assembly process design, development and project management services for your product development needs.

Test Development

The development of a test strategy is necessary to demonstrate: product functionality, safety and performance of electronic devices and to create a benchmark method to confirm that Electronic products perform to the design specifications.

Urtech incorporates all testing best practices, including analysis, documentation, specifications, verification and reviews. A well-designed product deserves a well-planned test strategy. Urtech test engineers will work with you either to implement the test strategy that best suits your product mix or to help develop systems and processes to ensure all your products meet strict Quality Standards.