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Supply Chain Services

Supply chain optimization benefits everyone’s bottom line. At Urtech, FIFO, inventory control, and standardized processes and tools are in place to ensure peak operation of a manufacturing and distribution supply chain. For example, everyone is best served by maintaining a just-in-time inventory system but doing so also entails supply chain risk so an optimized supply chain balances cost and risk without risking production or product delivery. This is our underlying goal and focus. By applying optimization methodologies, including minimization of transportation and distribution costs, customer focused satisfaction is our guiding principle.

Supply Chain Analysis

Urtech offers a wide variety of Supply Chain Services. Amongst the more sophisticated services are:

  • Full Turnkey End-to-End Supply Chain Management
  • Urtech will take care of procurement, receiving, warehousing, assembly, packing, shipping, disposal of excess material and traceability.
  • Corporate Supply Chain Development

We will work with clients who do not have well developed supply chain strategies to develop a supply chain management system that can improve efficiency and increase their bottom line. For example:

  • Component Lifecycle Monitoring
  • Demand Replenishment
  • Configure-to-order/Build-to-order Processes
  • BOM Risk Analysis

Supply Chain Partners

Sourcing components for electronic products can be a perilous exercise, given the proliferation of counterfeit part suppliers and the temptation of saving money at the expense of quality. Urtech is careful to procure components from only legitimate global suppliers and has experience in the negotiation of supply contracts with these suppliers if clients want Urtech to perform that service for them.


Logistics is that aspect of supply chain that concerns movement of components and finished products. Urtech takes care of all of the logistics associated with the supply chain cycle, as well as retail packaging and worldwide order fulfillment. Because Urtech is a North American supplier, shipping of final product is more efficient and less expensive. Urtech also carries out refurbishment of products as well as upgrades, as desired by the client and, of course, warranty repair.