SMT Technology

SMT production line can be setup quickly to populate circuit boards sized between 50mm squared and 510mmx460mm. The smt process begins with the blank circuit board and finishes with a populated product. Our SMT Technology gives us flexibility to produce any quantity and complexity of PCBA for our customers.

Technology Capabilities:

  • Minimum PCB dimensions: L 50mm x W 50mm
  • Maximum PCB dimensions: L 510mm x W 460mm
  • Smallest Part: Up to 01005 (imperial)
  • Biggest Part: Up to ​L 100mm x W 50mm x T 15mm
  • High speed head: 12 nozzles with speed upto 100,000 cph (0.036 s/chip)
  • Placement accuracy: +/- 40um/chip (Cpk ≥ 1)
  • PCB exchange time: 0.9 sec (Board length: up to 240 mm under optimum conditions)
  • Component type: Up to 412 parts (392 8mm double tape feeder, 20 direct tray feeder)
  • Automated Fiducial Correction
  • Board Warp Compensation
  • Programmable solder wave flow rate
  • Programmable initial preheat soak time